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A Message From Goenkaji

Dear Travelers on the Path of Dhamma,

Be happy!  Keep the torch of Dhamma alight! Let it shine brightly in your daily life. Always remember, Dhamma is not an escape. It is an art of living: living in peace and harmony with oneself and also with all others. Hence, try to live a Dhamma life.

  • Don't miss your daily sittings each morning and evening.
  • Whenever possible, attend weekly joint sittings with other Vipassana meditators.
  • Do a ten-day course as an annual retreat. This is essential to keep you going strong.
  • With all confidence, face the spikes around you bravely and smilingly.
  • Renounce hatred and aversion, ill will and animosity.
  • Generate love and compassion, especially for those who do not understand Dhamma and are living an unhappy life.
May your Dhamma behavior show them the path of peace and harmony. May the glow of Dhamma on your faces attract more and more suffering people to this path of real happiness.

May all beings be happy, peaceful, liberated.

With all my metta,
S.N. Goenka

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