Dhamma Service

The giving of Dhamma Service, whether in a course or in some other way to help in the spread of Dhamma, is one of the most valuable experiences a student of Vipassana can have. Not only is it rewarding to know that you have helped others to taste the Nectar of Dhamma, but it also is a wonderful source of growth and strength in one's own development in meditation practice.

As the demand for courses becomes greater in the world, the need for Dhamma Servers is also increasing. Each year there are thousands of Vipassana courses conducted around the world. Old students have organized and served all these courses and participated in the management and operation of the Centres.

Without the voluntary assistance of old students who feel a volition to give to others a little of what they have received from their participation in Vipassana courses, the courses cannot be arranged and conducted.

Goenkaji has spoken often on the purpose of Dhamma service and teaches that it is an integral part of an old student's growth and development on this Path. Giving Dhamma service in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Dhamma Workers strengthens a student of Vipassana for living a Dhamma life in the outside world. A series of Questions and Answers by Goenkaji on dhamma service is also available for those old students who are giving service.

If you can volunteer your time, please visit the centre page where you would like to serve. To give service on a course, the centre schedule pages have a column Attend/Serve (left side of page). Please click on the Apply link next to the desired date and choose Serve the course. If you can only serve an occasional few hour, please make direct contact with the centre on how to volunteer for dhamma service.

There is an opportunity for all old students to participate and gain the wonderful benefit of giving Dhamma Service.